Marvin's Fund
of Montana...

     Helping People
           and Animals.

Marvin's Fund is a non-profit fund established to promote the responsible care and treatment of companion animals through education and outreach programs.


Our Goals Are:

To provide reward money

To provide education and training opportunities

To provide specialized equipment

To assist law enforcement with the investigations and prosecution of cruelty to companion animals


This is Marvin's story and how his Fund came to be:


Marvin was adopted into a very patient and loving home after a number of years of living on the streets of Whitefish.  His new family consisted of two other cats, 7 rescued  Dobermans and one harassed human.  


Marvin, a large orange domestic short-haired cat, reorganized the household appointing himself King, cat tolerater, canine discipline department, vocal demander of lap time and prime cat chow reviewer.   As he looked and sounded as though he spent far too much time in the local bar nobody was inclined to argue with his point of view.


Marvin loved people and was delighted to meet with all visitors, the more laps the better.   When he finally passed on at approximately 21 years of age to a place with hopefully more laps than even he could imagine, the Flathead Spay and Neuter Task Force received so many memorial donations from his fans that Marvin's Fund of Montana was born. 


 Marvin would be proud to know that it is still all about him!

Learn about the Marv-Mobile below.

Marvin's Fund helped pay for additional training for one of our Animal Control Officers.

Marvin's Fund goes to the Share Fair to help people with dog and cat food, spay and neuter certificates, leashes, collars, brushes, pet beds and a myriad of goodies.

Marvin's Fund holds a low-cost vaccination clinic in outlying communities twice a year.
Marvin's Fund was responsible for creating and posting signs at over a dozen green box sites letting people know that it is against the law to abandon animals and how to do the right thing.

Every year, Marvin's Fund organizes the animal services for Project Homeless Connect. 


Large quantities of food, beds, bowls, treats and accessories are given away to help the homeless and people at risk who do not want to give up their companion animals. 


Animals are vaccinated and spay and neuter certificates are given free of charge to those whose animals are not already altered. Last year, $1200.00 worth of spay/neuter certificates were given away.